How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Published on 07/28/2019

Summer is the best time of year for many of us. The sun, the beach, flip flops, and bbqs…what could be better? Having a car during the summertime is a huge plus. Road trips, beach hopping, and camping are all attainable with your 4-wheel automobile. Many people don’t know that you have to prepare your car for the summer, just as you prepare yourself. We’re not talking about cleaning and waxing however, we’re talking about the fun stuff! Read on to get the inside scoop.

Girl Driving With Roof Down On Beach

How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

As we mentioned, this isn’t an article about how to clean your car’s exterior, or how to prepare it for the summer heat. This article focuses on the things that make road trips and the summer season with our cars so fun. Still not following? Keep reading!

The Checklist

1. The first, and maybe the most important thing on our list is music. A summer cruise down the highway won’t be complete without your favorite tunes. Whether you like cds, or are high-tech and prefer an HDMI cord, make sure you’re equipped with the necessary tools. Some may even resort to the radio, but we don’t recommend this because no one wants to be interrupted by commercials…are we right?!

2. Next up we have…sunglasses. This may seem like a no-brainer, but getting into the car and realizing you forgot your shades is a bigger deal than you ever thought. No one likes squinting, and anyway, you’ll look too school for school in this season’s sunglasses.

3. We’re sure you have one of these in your car already, but a charger is always a great idea, especially when you’ll be out for long fun days with friends. No one likes a dead phone, and it’s also not safe!

4. Last but not least, it is crucial to keep an empty water bottle around. Store your metal or plastic reusable water bottle in the glove compartment of your car. Who knows when you’ll go for an impromptu hike and need to fill it to the brim with fresh h20?

Make sure you have these items on deck for your summer fun. It’ll make your adventures THAT much better!