6 Tips For The Practical Driving Test

Published on 06/29/2022

Have you already passed the theory test and mastered all your compulsory practical lessons? Then it’s not far from your driver’s license! When the practical test is imminent, many learner drivers become nervous or even panic. But that’s not necessary! With our 6 tips for the practical test, you can look forward to the test day with peace of mind and look forward to your driver’s license.

Road Rage

Road Rage

Prepare Yourself Well

Good preparation is the biggest and most important part of all exam situations. Anyone who has mastered all the rules from the theory units and has practiced enough and gained driving experience can go into the practical test with peace of mind. That’s why you shouldn’t save on driving lessons, but take enough lessons until you feel safe in the car and on the road. If your driving instructor is also convinced of your abilities, nothing stands in the way of registering for the driving test!

Do An Exam Simulation

Simulating a practice exam is a good way to practice in case of an emergency. If you have already taken enough driving lessons to feel safe on the road and would like to take the test soon, you can ask your driving instructor for a test simulation. He or she will then no longer give you any help, but only give instructions and behave as the examiner would do during the exam. This way you can get used to the situation and also test your skills yourself.

Chose The Exam Date Wisely

You should plan your exam date sensibly so that you can fully concentrate on the practical exam. Therefore, do not take the driving test in a period in which other important things – such as B. Exams at school – queuing so you can focus your full attention on one thing. Then you are more focused because you are not distracted by thoughts of other appointments.

Don’t Tell Too Many People About The Exam

When the exam is coming up, it’s probably especially exciting for everyone. There is only this one appointment between you and your driver’s license, then you can finally drive a car without a driving instructor. To avoid additional pressure, we advise you not to tell too many people about the upcoming exam. This only makes you unnecessarily nervous and increases your excitement when you feel like you have to live up to others’ expectations. It’s best to only inform the most important people about your driving test – you can surprise everyone else later with your driver’s license!

Create A Checklist

On the day of the practical exam you have to think about a few things. So don’t risk forgetting something you need to bring with you and unnecessarily increasing your nervousness. If you create a checklist a few days beforehand, you will be more relaxed on the day of the exam and will definitely think of everything.

Wear Comfortable Clothes And Shoes

In order to appear calm and as relaxed as possible in the driving test, it is particularly important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. So make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily. You should not feel constricted, nor should you be too warm or too cold.