4 Tips For Long Car Rides

Published on 11/09/2021

There are many ways to get on vacation. One of them is to get to the destination by car. There are also some arguments in favor of traveling by car. On the one hand, you are independent when it comes to departure and break times. On the other hand, you are always mobile during your vacation. In addition, it is usually easy to take more luggage with you. However, depending on the holiday destination, the drive can be very long. If you decide to reach your destination by car, we have a few tips for you, to ensure a relaxed and comfortable ride.

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4 Tips For Long Car Rides

Put Together A Playlist

You probably know that: the further you move away from your home, the worse the reception of your favorite radio station will eventually be. Then the radio program switches wildly to find a new station that you like. To avoid this scenario, it is advisable to create a playlist with your favorite songs. I call this playlist “Road songs”. With us, everyone can ask for songs in advance that should end up in this playlist. So there is something for every taste. If you have smaller children with you, you will probably not be able to avoid packing radio plays. Even if you can already speak to them by now, they will certainly have their turn, because after all, everyone could make a wish. But you can certainly agree that music will be played again after a radio play. So everyone gets their rights.

Pack Enough Food

Depending on the length of the car journey, you should have drinks and food with you. Open sandwiches or rolls, as well as fruit and vegetables, are welcome companions on trips here. With us, apples and carrots have proven themselves very well. Of course, we are always accompanied by a thermos full of coffee. For in-between, we often have small snacks with us, such as cheese cubes, salami sticks or mini meatballs. And should the mood in the car get bad, e.g. because we are in a seemingly endless traffic jam, a candy helps to lighten the mood. So I always pack a few cookies or gummy bears for emergencies.

The Highway Belongs The Early Bird

On particularly long car journeys, you should get used to driving off in the early hours of the morning. That means, you stow the luggage in the trunk in the evening and prepare everything else so that you have it ready to hand shortly before departure. When loading the luggage, make sure that you stow the luggage in such a way that it does not become a dangerous projectile in the event of emergency braking.

Take Breaks And Move

So now you’ve been driving your car for a few hours, sleeping, breakfast, and games. But at some point, you should give the driver and fellow travelers a break. Because if you sit that long, you have to move around and drive tiredness out of your bones. This is also a good opportunity to freshen up and do a coffee break. You will find numerous rest stops with sanitary facilities on every motorway. They also offer meals. However, we prefer to simply leave the motorway for a long break and drive to a nearby town. This little detour is rewarded with a stay away from the loud, stinky motorway. And for us personally, a meal at a local restaurateur simply tastes better than the canteen at the service area.